‘He was “suspicious person” because he was dressed in black,’ Florida officer repeatedly tasing young boy for no reason

Florida state trooper is under investigation following the incident when he repeatedly used his stun gun on 16-year-old boy who was just waiting for his girlfriend in her yard. The officer allegedly used excessive force and the whole incident was caught on video that became viral in literally hours when surfaced online.

The 16-year-old boy was identified as Jack and he went to his girlfriend’s house waiting to see her in front of the house in the backyard. From what can be seen in the video, Florida Highway Patrol trooper entered the backyard after Jack asking the teenager to put his hands behind the back.

Jack decided to ignore the order since he had done nothing against the law. That’s the moment when the trooper used his stun gun and tased the boy multiple times for no apparent reason. The Florida trooper should be happy of the final result because the boy fell and hit his head and back against a fire pit after being tased by the officer.

“He was profiled because he is Black in black clothes. There is no doubt in my mind,” the mother of the boy said. “He wasn’t doing anything wrong. He literally was just walking down the street going to his girlfriend’s.”

Jack’s girlfriend got out of the house just moments after he was tased. When she tried to approach her boyfriend, the officer told her to go inside, which she of course refused.

There were multiple efforts to try and get answers from the officials regarding the incident, but no one really wanted to comment the case. The official answer was there is internal investigation.

NBC News managed to get the police report from that day. According to report, Florida State Trooper George Smyrnios decided to follow the boy in the backyard of a private property because ‘the boy was suspicious because he was wearing black.’

“His behavior, demeanor and body language appeared to be a burglar. It looked to me like he had just committed a crime or was about to commit a crime,” Smyrnios wrote.

“The red dots were placed on his back and I deployed the Taser. The probes struck his upper, right shoulder and upper, right buttock,” Smyrnios wrote. “The defendant fell to the ground. I told him to place his hands behind his back. He failed to comply so I activated the Taser again,” the probable cause statement said.

Jack’s attorney, Derek Tyler, said it was unclear how many times Smyrnios fired the stun gun, but Jack said it was four times.

“This was completely unjustified, and I believe it amounts to torture,” Tyler said. “There is no justification for his actions.”

Jack was being held at a juvenile detention center following his arrest and was suffering with back pain after falling onto the fire pit, Tyler said.

The path the teen took to get to his girlfriend’s home was the same one he took every day, cutting through the bushes, Tyler said.

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