Garage worker tells client not to enter the client waiting area because her outfit was ‘inappropriate’

What should have been a regular car inspection appointment, ends up as an awful experience for this woman who claims she was told not to enter the garage client waiting area because she was dressed ‘inappropriate’.

In a TikTok video that went viral and was seen more than one million times in a short period of time, T. Wood explained that she was told to wait outside the car garage because her crop top and shorts were too “inappropriate” for the facility.

According to her, she was dressed nothing out of the ordinary wearing a pair of denim shorts, white trainers and a short crop top.

“What I’m about to show you is potentially very dangerous for the welfare of your car so make sure your vehicle is nowhere near your phone for the next like 10 seconds,” Wood sarcastically referred to the incident in a follow-up video on her TikTok profile.

In the later video, Wood said described the incident saying a female garage worker told her to walk around the building and wait for the car on the other side instead of letting her go inside the client waiting with all the other customers.

Her first video went viral and many TikTok users defended her and her outfit. Someone commented that the staff member at the station had “jealously vibes”, whereas others thought her top looked more like a “fancy bra at best.”

The day after the first video, Wood recorded another video now calling the garage station asking them if there is a dress code for their customers. The woman on the other side of the phone was confused by the question and said their only policy is to wear face-coverings while at the building.

Wood explained the situation to the woman, saying she was not denied a service, but she was not allowed to enter the client waiting area because her outfit was ‘inappropriate’.

“I’m asking questions because this is the first time we’ve ever heard something like this,” the woman said, asking Wood to describe the whole incident.

Wood continued that she doesn’t want the woman who told her to wait outside to be fired and is raising the incident to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“I apologize for that because that is not how we do things. We don’t have a certain dress code. Everyone’s an adult.

“As long as you’re not there naked. That’s not something that we discriminate against so I’m sorry for your experience. I will get this to the right people and this will be addressed.” the woman on the other side of the phone apologized and ended the conversation.

As Daily Dot reports, under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 businesses cannot turn customers away for their race, ethnicity, religion, gender or nationality but customers’ outfits are not protected under that act.

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