Giveaway event on Saturday, new moms given free care packages, Beyond Delivery organized the event

A new program called Beyond Delivery took place on Saturday in Summerville where new moms were given free care packages for their newborns.

The program was organized in a partnership between Summerville Medical Center and the Postpartum Support Charleston organization.

Volunteers were at the site preparing the packages and giving them away to new moms.

“For us to be able to help a new mom, as she transitions into motherhood, we just want them to know that there’s support available in the community and just making sure they understand that if they are having a difficult time with motherhood, they’re not alone,” Elaine DeaKyne, with Postpartum Support Charleston, said.

According to the organizers, all the packages included information about postpartum resources, diapers, diaper cream, wipes and frozen lasagna.

“It really gives us a chance to continue supporting a mom through her pregnancy journey and then her delivery,” Amanda Osborne, with Summerville Medical Center, said. “It’s just nice to provide another touchpoint for moms once they leave the hospital.”

Both the organizers and the new moms that came to the giveaway event were happy with the results since this was one of its kind event in the area.

Organizers said another similar event is set to take place in the upcoming period on November 13th.

Those interested in free package can pre-register online and secure their package.

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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