“I’m young in my mind, rich and I can do what I want,” teenager tells police when arrested following high speed chase after running a red light

Social media networks changed the way we live, think and behave and they are part of everyone’s life in the last decade. While majority of people use them to be in touch with other people and stay informed informed, there are people who really make good living with their online presence.

From content creators to influencers, there are millions of people who used the advantage of the modern era and earn well online, especially young people. However, a concerning trend is that some of these young people who become instantly rich and famous forget about real values in life.

So is the case with one young Florida TikTok star who totally forgot that laws and rules apply for everyone, including him and his fellow “popular” social media stars, when he refused to ignore police lights leading authorities to a short high-speed chase until he finally decided to stop and was arrested.

The suspect was later identified by the police as the 18-year-old D. Mikula and he was arrested on Friday after he ran a red light and led the patrol officers on a high-speed chase of more than 100 miles per hour.

According to the police report, the incident took place in the morning hours before noon on Friday when patrol officers noticed Mikula’s vehicle doing a “burnout” and smoking the tires in the middle of an intersection. When patrol car approached him and tried to stop him, the vehicle fled the scene running a red light.

Authorities activated their lights and siren and continued the chase reaching more than 100 miles per hour until they followed the vehicle into a residential area where the suspect pulled over and entered a house, later confirmed to be his home.

Officers easily located the vehicle and Mikula was the one who answered to the entrance door and he was arrested. He told troopers the Dodge Challenger was parked in the garage and gave permission for the vehicle to be towed.

While on their wail to jail, Mikula allegedly told officers that he was the only in his car at the time of the incident and knew the trooper was trying to pull him over, but thought it would be OK to speed away if he got away with it.

He then added that he is popular TikTok star making over half a million dollars per year. He told officers that he “feels young in his mind, he is rich, he has a fast car he can do whatever he wants.” He later changed his mind and admitted what he did was wrong and not a good way to live.

According to Mikula, he was trying to record a 3-second-long video for social media and it cost him.

Troopers say Mikula also told them that his plan was to get onto the expressway to outrun the patrol vehicle, but thought he may get in more trouble.

He was arrested without incident and he faces multiple charges.

Monica Doyle


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