Lucky South Carolina woman beat 1-in-900,000 odds and turned her $10 lottery ticket into $300,000 winnings

One South Carolina woman was very lucky when she decided to buy $10 worth of lottery ticket and turned it into $300,000 winnings.

The woman initially thought that she only won $300, but realized that the winnings are much higher after she scratched the ticket completely.

“I scratched a little more and realized I was going to have to go to Columbia,” she told the S.C. Education Lottery.

According to the lucky winner, she bought the winning lottery ticket just 70 miles southwest of Columbia in North Augusta when she went for grocery shopping.

At a Food Lion store, officials said she bought items to make hash and tried her luck on a $10 ticket for the Xtreme Purple Multiplier game.

The South Carolina Education Lottery confirmed the winning ticket on Friday.

The lucky woman who decided to remain unidentified, said she bought the ticket in Food Lion store. The $10 ticket ended up to bring her $300,000 in winnings.

It turns out, the winner beat 1-in-900,000 odds to score the prize. She kept $207,000 after taxes, according to S.C. Education Lottery spokesperson Holli Armstrong.

The woman was cooking in her kitchen when she decided to scratch the ticket and that’s the moment when she realized that she hit the jackpot.

She said that she couldn’t sleep as she was very excited because of the winnings.

The store that sold the ticket will receive $3,000 commission.

Cindy Carey


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