Man assaults seven women in few months, he targeted light-skinned women by skin and race

Khari C., 29-year-old, is under investigation and accused of numerous assaults, strangulation and burglary crimes. According to authorities, the suspect attacked seven women in just few months between August 2020 and January 2021.

The assaults took place in just two New York City neighborhoods.

In a press release, District Attorney Eric G. said that Khari targeted light-skinned females from the neighborhood that he chose by skin and race.

“This defendant’s alleged violent and unprovoked attacks endangered the women he targeted and caused widespread fear in the community. I am committed to prosecuting all hate crimes where victims, including as alleged in this case, are targeted because of their gender, skin color or race,” Eric stated.

One attack happened in a smoke shop, one attack took place in a nearby building, while five of the incidents occurred at the Morgan Avenue L-train subway station.

The assault in the smoke shop was his last one. Luckily, the young woman who was attacked remained unhurt. The arrest came shortly after the attack.

When police released the information about the arrest, other woman identified themselves as victims of Khari’s alleged attacks.

If all charges are being accepted, Khari faces 25 years in prison.

His next court hearing is later this month.

Cindy Carey


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