Man will spend the next four decades in prison for shooting to death woman over an argument with her son and daughter

The future is not bright for this young man because he is about to spend the next four decades in prison after he was found guilty and sentenced for shooting to death a woman over an argument he had with her son and daughter. The incident happened in front of the apartment complex where the woman was living with her family.

According to police reports, the incident happened on May 31, 2018 when the 42-year-old L. Robinson was shot in the head and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The suspect, identified as the 26-year-old J. Johnson, had an argument with the victim’s children and she was shot by mistake, during the court process the suspect said.

“This man fired a pistol into a car full of people, including babies, with no regard for human life,” Harris County District Attorney said. “Ms. Robinson’s family will never see her smile or hear her laugh ever again because this man got angry and decided to use a gun to get even.”

During the week-long trial that took place in the end of July, jurors heard that Johnson, who was friends with Robinson’s adult son, got in an argument with that son and Robinson’s adult daughter.

Few hours prior to the incident, the suspect was seen in front of the victim’s apartment with a pistol and at one point of the argument he pointed the gun to the 22-year-old daughter, neighbors say. The young woman immediately called police, but Johnson fled the scene before the deputies arrived at the scene.

Obviously disturbed and afraid, the victim, her daughter and four children decided to leave to apartment complex for some time to avoid the possibility of violence. Around midnight, they decided to go to a relative’s house and the victim’s son was walking beside the car to ensure they are safe. Just when they were leaving the apartment complex, Johnson came from behind a parked car and fired a single shot into the car’s open window, hitting Robinson in the head.

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The woman died at the scene from a single gunshot wound. Although this was a completely unfortunate event, the incident could have ended much worse knowing the fact that all of the children were aged between 1-8 months old.

Prosecutors said they are happy with the sentence and thank the jurors for their decision to put the suspect in jail for 40 years saying the decision was nothing but a justice.

“He is a dangerous person,” the prosecutor said. “And the community needs to know that this is the result of dangerous actions.”

The case was investigated by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and prosecuted by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

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