Mother, boyfriend allegedly beat 2-month-old baby multiple times resulting with 27 broken bones, saying don’t know what have happened

Doctors discovered a total of 27 broken bones on a 2-month-old baby after mother and boyfriend brought the baby girl in hospital. Following the regular examinations, doctors confirm combination of injuries, some new and some old ones.

Jessica, the mother of the baby, and her boyfriend Phillip, both from Georgia have been charged with first-degree cruelty to children – and possibly other charges to come.

The charges came shortly after the hospital officials informed the county police department confirming that the injuries occurred as a result of blunt force trauma, with multiple bone fractures.

While being interviewed by police authorities, both Jessica and her boyfriend Phillip said they are not aware of what have happened. The investigation is still ongoing and police officers are trying to discover what really happened with the baby.

One thing is clear, the injuries of the toddler are so extensive which some of them are old and in the process of healing, that whatever happened, happened multiple times in two-month time frame.

Jessica and Phillip are both charged and jailed. The police were acknowledged that the mother has two more children and they were taken in state protective custody.

The infant is currently in hospital and in stable condition. We wish her speedy recovery.

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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