Mother finds unexplainable scar and bruises on her 8-month-old son’s face, daycare worker runs as soon as parents watched the daycare surveillance video

The Davis family from Florida, enrolled their 8-month-old son to daycare center. Few months later, they got a call from the daycare center no parent wants to receive. Daycare staff wanted to know if the parents were aware of a scar on their son’s face. Knowing their little boy had nothing that morning, they both rushed to the center.

“Jake didn’t have a “scar.” He was bleeding, his face was swollen, his eyes were bloodshot, and his neck and head were bruised. When I saw my son, I immediately knew that it was child abuse,” the mother said. “When I got there, the director was trying to leave and I told her she wasn’t going anywhere until they told me what was going on with my child,” she added.

She asked to see the surveillance footage when the employees were unsured what happened. What she saw only made her stomach churn even more. “I saw my son, I knew right away no infant could do this to my child, it was child abuse,” his mother said. “I saw the video myself, she beat my child, struck him multiple times in multiple different places. Most of his injuries were to his head.”

Indeed, the footage allegedly showed E. Hall, an employee of the daycare, reaching into the boy’s crib and mashing his face multiple times. She said she saw the woman’s hand rise and fall on her baby’s head at least three times with force so strong that it caused his head to rock. After seeing that the boy had been abused, the cops were called.

Parents were furious that the daycare center waited two hours before they called her. The boy couldn’t sleep for days after the accident. The parents were looking for answers but without success.

Police officers reviewed the footage and tried to arrest E. Hall. Unfortunately, she left the building as soon as the parents arrived that day. The police searched the area but were unable to find her. Few days later the suspect turned herself in, after police asked to community to help them locating her.

We hope the boy will get well soon.

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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