New Covid-19 vaccination appointments in Florence County on hold due to availability

Florence, South Carolina – Two hospitals will not schedule new Covid-19 appointments due to availability.

MUSC Health Florence and Marion Medical Center are unable to schedule new Covid-19 vaccination appointments as a result of unavailable vaccine doses.

“Each week, MUSC Health is notified of the number of requested vaccine doses that will be shipped and our team compares this number to the current vaccine appointment schedule,” the hospital explained. “Due to unpredictable vaccine shipment amounts, which change weekly, our team has changed or delayed scheduled vaccine appointments.”

Medical University of South Carolina is working 24 hours a day in order to make sure all the hospitals receive as many doses as possible. They also put all their effort in monitoring and confirming shipments of the vaccine for the already scheduled appointments.

According to the latest reports, the hospitals inform the public that as soon as they receive new supplies, they will continue with scheduling new appointments.

Monica Doyle


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