Man kills ex-girlfriend’s family including 7-year-old child for not giving him the stimulus check money

Malik H., 25-year-old, killed ex-girlfriend’s family over a stimulus check. The police report confirmed that the man killed three adults and 7-year-old child after they argued because he wanted the money for himself.

Police arrested and charged the Indianapolis man with four counts of murder, one count each of attempted murder, armed robbery, auto theft and other charges.

Malik first shot his ex-girlfriend critically injuring her. Then he shot to death three of her relatives and one 7-year-old child.

Shortly after the condition of Malik’s ex-girlfriend got stable, she confirmed that one of the victims was her mother, the second was her brother and the third adult victim was her cousin. The child was her daughter.

“I think everyone asks the same question about the 7-year-old: Why? She didn’t have anything to do with the stimulus check, she didn’t have anything to do with the money and she lost her life. And if that doesn’t break your heart, I don’t know what will,” the prosecutor said at a news conference.

Hours before the shooting, Malik and his ex-girlfriend had very “furious discussion” over the stimulus check money. According to the court reports, Malik asked to get the money from the stimulus check and his ex-partner refused. Sometime after the argument, he returned armed and the argument resumed.

The situation escalated when he tried to take money for the victim’s purse, seconds later he shot the people in the house. He took some money from the purse and his baby and fled the scene.

He was found 3 days later at a friend’s house and arrested. The baby was found safe at his sister’s house.

At the time of the shootings, Malik was the subject of a restraining order barring him from having contact with his ex-girlfriend or visiting the home where the shootings occurred, according to court documents.

The prosecutor said the case is eligible for the death penalty because there were multiple victims, a robbery allegedly occurred and a child was killed.

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