North Charleston authorities looking forward for better communication with the local community in order to make the area safer place for everyone

North Charleston, South Carolina – North Charleston local authorities are using different tactics to improve the communication with the local community in order to make the area better and safer place for everyone.

In multiple occasions, North Charleston Police Department organized events with the local residents and the last one took place on Saturday when local children had the opportunity to meet their local police officers.

The Saturday event was called ”Paint with a Twist” and was located at God’s House of Worship. The event was organized by the North Charleston Police Department, the Waylyn Neighborhood Association, and Marie’s Kids, a local nonprofit that encourages kids to get involved in science and other related fields.

The children were joined by several police recruits as they followed along with a local artist who taught the group how to paint mountains.

Police officials say they are seeing the actual results of these events in the everyday life. According to them, the series of events should continue in the future for further improving the relationship between the local community and the police department.

“When an officer goes to a regular call for service, that person, that kid or that parent will say ‘Hey we saw you at the cleanup.’ Or ‘We saw you at the Paint in the Park.’ or ‘We saw you on the neighborhood walk.’” Police Chief Reggie Burgess said. “When that officer gets there, everything is calm for that officer.”

Tanang Williams, the Waylyn Neighborhood Association President, said she has seen a positive change over the past five years.

“We’ve built stronger relationships with the police department and throughout the community,” Williams said.

The latest Saturday event was a great opportunity for the children to meet Trevon Sanders, former NFL player and NCPD patrolman. He was delighted to be children’s role model and one-day-hero at the event and this is what he said:

“The kids in there, they can actually see someone that came from this neighborhood and came from this area and made it out of Charleston and was successful,” Williams said. “And then come back.”

The next event is coming on Tuesday when the police department will host a Powder Puff Football Combine. The Tuesday’s event is part of the Cops Athletic Program for kids. Parents are welcome to come together with their children at the event.

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