One person killed in the fatal shooting Tuesday night in Savannah, ongoing investigation

Tuesday night shooting in Savannah ended up to be fatal for one victim, police say.

According to the authorities the shooting took place around 8:20 p.m. at the parking lot near Jennifer Ross Soccer Complex on Tuesday.

When first responders arrived at the scene, they found one male victim suffering apparent gunshot wounds. He was immediately transferred to hospital in critical condition where he died shortly after arrival.

The identity of the victim was not immediately revealed by the police, they only said that the victim was 27 years old.

Authorities were able to locate and arrest of what appears to be a person of interest at the scene. As per the initial information, the 27-year-old suspect is believed to be responsible for the shooting.

Police said that the suspect and the victim new each other.

Luckily, no other injuries were reported and the whole incident could have been much worse knowing the fact that children were playing soccer at the time when the shooting took place. They were all evacuated to safety after the shooting.

A parent of a child what was playing on the field was at the scene when the officers arrived.

“My wife had called to inform me that there had been a shooting at the parking lot and the players had been evacuated, rushed off the field, through the woods, to the other side of the complex,” said Matt, a parent to a soccer player.

“I heard some faint shouting and the next thing I know, five shots were fired. I heard it in the parking lot and as soon as you heard that, coaches evacuated us through the woods to the other side of the complex,” said Matt’s son Joseph who was playing soccer.

We expect more details during the day.

Monica Doyle


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