Teenage boy stabs abusive father to death to save mother from assault, faces up to 20 years in prison

Alex P., 18-year-old, stabbed his abusive father in their home to death to save his mother from assault. The father was known to his furious character and he had beaten his wife many times in the past. Shortly after the incident, the boy called the police and confessed everything.

The incident took place last April in the family’s home in Italy. The father was known for his furious character, obsessive and jealous, he was even calling his wife multiple times in the day just to check on her.

That night, the boy notified his uncle fearing his father will become violent once again. “You are the only one who listens. You have to take drastic action. Here we all risk our lives,” he wrote in the text.

A few hours later when the father arrived home, he started attacking the woman, beating her and throwing his phone on her. The furious man claimed to have seen a man putting his hand on her shoulder, something that never actually happened. That’s the moment when Alex, who was then 17-years-old, took a kitchen knife and stabbed his father multiple times.

Following the incident, Alex called the police, confessed everything and his was put under house arrest. He finished all his exams with outstanding success and got into university several months after the incident.

Unfortunately, now the prosecutors have confirmed that they will go after the boy regarding the incident. Following the Italian laws, the boy faces up to 20 years for voluntary murder. The defense has less than 20 days to appeal the charges.

Alex was praised by several ministers for what he did, unfortunately, that doesn’t help him now with the trial.

We will update the story as more details become available.

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