Two men kidnapped and killed a woman because she allegedly knew too much about their criminal activity

The two suspects, who kidnapped and murdered S. Romero earlier this year in February, are arrested and charged with aggravated kidnapping, aggravated murder and obstruction of justice. Police believe the reason for the murder was that Romero allegedly knew too much about suspects’ criminal activities.

On February 5, Romero was abducted from her apartment in Utah by the suspects because they believed she was cooperating with the police. According to them, she helped the authorities to put their associates behind bars.

During the investigation a surveillance footage was found showing the moment when Romero was forced into a green Toyota on a busy street in broad daylight.

The police said they believe she was taken to an apartment in West Valley. They found an evidence indicating the woman was killed in the apartment.

The investigation led to both men, R. Rivera and J. Reyes, who were arrested in a connection to the case. Authorities confirmed that more arrests are possible in the upcoming period.

Romero was forced to confess if she was cooperating with authorities regarding the cases about their associates, something that she denied.

“You know too much about us and the others. You are a threat. You are not leaving this apartment.” said Rivera despite her denial. He then shot her in the back and while they were leaving the apartment, he shot her once again.

The police are looking for a third suspect, believed to helped them with the body. Witnesses say a third man wrapped the body in plastic and put it into a landscaping truck.

Romero’s family members are thankful to everyone who helped in identifying the suspects.

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