While Americans are fighting racism in any type and form, teacher writes the “N-word” on board while holding class, fired

While majority of Americans are fighting racism in any type and form, a rising problem in the last couple of years, some people continue to behave like it’s a total normal thing.

The issue becomes more concerning when children are directly affected by racism as it may affect their mental health and future development. Teachers are those who we rely on the most and expect to teach students real values in life, but that was not the case with one teacher who did the opposite while holding class.

According to multiple sources, South Carolina teacher was fired following several-hours-long protest last Friday, organized by the parents of the students who attended the class in September when the teacher allegedly wrote the “N-word” on the board.

The parents who protested the incident were supported by other people and activists living in the area at Clear Dot Charter School in Columbia where the teacher was working until Friday when he was officially fired from the school.

Since the investigation about the incident is still ongoing, the school didn’t reveal the identity of the accused teacher, but that doesn’t change the fact that we still have a long way to go in fighting racism.

“I was shocked and appalled, I’ve been around [him] for over two and a half months, and I couldn’t believe that that is what he would say in a classroom,” Melanie S., a Clear Dot parent said.

Melanie’s daughter was in the class when the incident took place back in September. According to her daughter, the teacher reasoned that he wrote the slur on the board as a way of reminding himself to tell administrators one student said the phrase to another.

The local community and the parents whose children attend classes at Clear Dot Charter School are devastated by the incident taking into consideration the fact that the teacher is White, while the majority of the students are Black.

“I personally feel as though he was being a little facetious when he did it because why else would you write that,” Melanie said. “I can’t figure out any other reason why he would do that in a class full of African-American students.”

The Friday’s protest ended when the school principal announced teacher’s contract has been terminated following a short meeting with him. He also added there are other allegations against the teacher being investigated but the ”preliminary investigation” into this incident is over.

Clear Dot Charter Principal Lindsey Ott said they initially heard about the incident on Friday when parents came at the school requesting to meet her.

“The safety and comfort of my students is paramount to me and the fact that they feel welcome and appreciated and safe at Clear Dot is my number one concern at all times,” Ott said.

This is not the first time the teacher to be involved in incidents. According to a recent report, the same teacher was accused in April that he has been connected to social media accounts advocating racist and anti-Semitic views, but “due to a lack of evidence”, no additional action was taken against him then.

By the end of the protest, parents said they are happy with the school’s decision to fire the teacher immediately and added they are proud their children are part of Clear Dot Charter School.

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