While the Covid-19 cases continue to rise in Palmetto State, fans are returning at the stadium to support Gamecocks at the beginning of the new football season

The new football season will surely bring a lot of excitement for fans around the country following the pandemic year.

Gamecocks’ fans are especially happy to support their heroes directly at the stadium in Columbia.

It’s the first time since the pandemic all fans got to come out to support their Gamecocks, and the first game they’re under a new coach.

“I’m super, super excited. I didn’t come to any games last year because of COVID obviously, but I’m vaccinated, and I finally feel comfortable doing it and I’m very excited,” said USC Alum, Adam Duncan.

In a May announcement, fans were told that they can watch the games directly at the Williams-Brice stadium and tailgate at full capacity outside.

Despite the latest Covid-19 wave that raises the number across the state, face masks and face coverings will not be required at the stadium.

“I think the school is taking good precautions – doing testing every month,” said USC student, Isaac Scruggs.

Another student also stated that majority of students feel happy, excited and safe at the stadium.

“They definitely wouldn’t let us have this if was still as bad as it used to be,” said Alliah Woodard.

South Carolina reported that around 57% of the residents have received at least one dose of the vaccines, while 48% are fully vaccinated.

“I do get a little bit concerned about the large, majority of people crowding together. I feel like there is room for more variants and more problems, but if we continue to practice safe masking and safe social distancing, then I think we could be able to have social venues that are loud and rousey,” said USC Junior, Zach Wall.

The next home game is scheduled for September 25 against the University of Kentucky Wildcats.

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