White woman pulls gun on black family in shopping mall, video goes viral

Scary video that surfaced recently on social media went immediately viral shows white woman pulling her gun and points it to black family in broad daylight in Washington shopping mall. This video is just another proof how serious are thing currently in US with the gun policy and racism.

According to police, the incident took place last Wednesday and officers added that the families were known to have misunderstandings in the past. However, none of their conflicts in the past ended similar to this one.

The woman that was holding the gun as seen in the video told police she was just allegedly defending her daughter from the other family. Meanwhile, another video was uploaded online showing teenagers of both families screaming at each other, when the mother pulled and pointed her gun to the other family who are black.

“This woman pulled her gun in a Lids hat store. The kids walked in-front of the gun”. said on Twitter Ryan Shields, the man who uploaded both videos. “She pulled the gun on a group of Black teenagers. Over the kids getting in an argument?” he added.

Luckily, no one was hurt in the incident. It could have been much worse for sure. The incident lasted for short period of time as security officials showed up in less than half a minute after the incident was reported. The security officers managed to separate the families.

The woman with the gun is now facing charges according to the Vancouver City Attorney’s Office.

Both videos went viral totaling more than 100 million views online.

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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