Woman pulls out gun, fires shots at DMV office after becoming frustrated over the slow line, says she will do it again

Woman gets nervous and frustrated over the slow-moving line and opens fire outside of DMV office, authorities confirm. Vanessa R. from Kansas, Missouri, was arrested and taken into custody after she allegedly fired shots and put many pedestrians in danger.

Luckily there were no injuries from the shooting. Vanessa was charged with making a terrorist threat with the purpose of frightening 10 or more people, and the unlawful use of a weapon for exhibiting a gun in an angry and threatening manner.

According to a witness, the woman became frustrated and started cursing at employees just after entering the office. She noticed the office was packed with people and the wait time would be long.

“Something was wrong with that woman, I don’t know what – drugs, alcohol or something else.” – another witness said.

Vanessa was insisting she needed a duplicate ID as soon as possible, but she was turned down and told to wait in the line as everyone else.

That’s the moment when the situation escalated and the woman went outside, took the gun from her purse and fired a few shots in the air. There were more than 10 people on the parking lot at the time and they all rushed in the DMV office after the incident. The woman then pointed the gun into the DMV office firing few more bullets.

Luckily off-duty officer was at the scene and tackled her from behind. Authorities eventually showed up and arrested the woman before taking her to a hospital for evaluation.

When asked by the police why she did it, she said she was frustrated on the DMV’s employees not doing their job and she will do it again if needed.

Vanessa faces charges.

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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