Aunt brutally beats nephew while taking care of him, mother worried if the boy will ever wake up

A 4-year-old boy is in hospital for two weeks now after he was allegedly brutally beaten by his aunt while she was taking care of him and his sister. The boy suffered heavy injuries and hasn’t woken up since the incident according to hospital reports.

The aunt, 31-year-old J. Nunez, was arrested by police for beating the boy and his sister. According to police records, the incident happened in her house while she was taking care of them.

The little boy is now in critical condition and hasn’t woken up since he was hospitalized in a hospital in Texas. The doctors in the hospital are not sure if the boy will ever wake up, and even he does, the road to fully recovery will be a long one.

The family is terrified of what has happened. The boy’s sister, who was watching the whole incident, cries every day for her brother awaiting him to return home.

Doctors say the heart and the lungs are improving, but its still too early to say what the final outcome will be as the boy struggles to breath on its own.

When officers arrived at the scene following a 911 call from the neighbors, they found the child unconscious on the ground. Serious injuries on the body were immediately visible. The aunt was arrested.

When he was transferred to hospital for treatment, doctors examined the boy and informed that he suffered life-threatening-injuries including collapsed lung and brain injury. His sister suffered less serious injuries. She had bruises on the arms and face.

The little girl was questioned by police and she said the aunt hit her so hard in the face that she fell on the floor hitting her head in the door causing bruises all over her ear and head. She added that Nunez would hit her with items like a back scratcher, a stick and would fold up a phone charger and smack her with it.

Nunez is being held on a more than $1 million bond.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the boy.

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