“A crime that has shaken the entire community,” Woman stabbed and killed her 3-year-old girl, stuffs the remains in plastic bag

This monster woman will spend decades to lifetime behind bars if found guilty in murdering her 3-year-old daughter whose remains were found stuffed in plastic bags left in the basement. The incident is something that hasn’t been seen in the neighborhood for 40 years, local say.

According to the police report, the 22-year-old J. Johnson was arrested late last month after her brother reported her to the police when he found suspicious trash bags left in the basement in her house. The police were dispatched at the scene when Johnson’s brother notified the authorities that he sees human foot sticking out from a garbage bag.

When they arrived at the scene, they found the remains of the young child with multiple stab wounds. The police easily identified the victim to be Johnson’s 3-year-old daughter, who according to Johnson’s brother, was missing for at least a few days.

The mother was not home when deputies arrived and recovered the body, but they were able to locate and arrest her in a matter of hours after the body was found. Reportedly, she was arrested walking along railroad tracks.

The young mother appeared unemotional when questioned about the situation and did not wish to speak about her child’s death, police said.

Johnson was jailed on no bond and faces multiple charges including felony murder. The police believe that the mother stabbed her daughter multiple times until she died.

The locals are devastated as the story regarding the case continues to unfold. According to one of them, this is first incident of its kind since he moved in the area in the 70s, this is what he said.

“It’s a shock, I’ve been here a long time, and this is the first time I heard of something like this since the 70s,” said Martin who has runs a business just across the street from the home where the woman lived.

“She was a customer here, I knew who she was, shocked me because she didn’t seem to be that kind of a person,” he added. “It’s unusual to have something like this in a town like this. This is a crime that has shaken the entire community. This is a close-knit community,” he finished.

Johnson’s brother said that two days prior to his discovery, he called his sister and asked about his niece, how she is and where is she located. The mother told her brother to mind his own business.

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