Bar owner slams against a wall, chokes and drags for 30 seconds female college student leaving her unconscious with heavy injuries

S. Homan, 47-year-old, was arrested and charged for allegedly attacking black female student at his own bar. The attacker is charged with aggravated battery charges days after community outrage called for the city and police to take action.

According to the reports, the incident took place earlier this month on April 4 in Illinois bar owned by the attacker.

J. Jazz, 19-year-old black female college student, suffered heavy injuries that night and lost consciousness for almost ten minutes. Jazz was left with a bloody nose, countless bruises, two black eyes and a concussion following the attack when Homan slammed her against a wall, then choked and dragged her.

According to the victim, when police and EMS crews arrived at the scene, they didn’t provide any help to her. The arrest and charges came after 11 days investigation by the police and prosecutors.

The County State Attorney revealed that in the criminal complaint against Homan that the massive man insulted Jazz then dragged her by her neck for 30 seconds.

Jazz’s attorney also made a statement on behalf of the family:

“J. Jazz, her family and our firm understand the announcement of charges against S. Homan is just a first step in obtaining the justice my client deserves as she makes a gallant effort towards a full recovery,” he expressed.

“While the news of charges spark hope, we remain relentless in our pursuit that S. Homan is held fully accountable for his wrongdoing and the trauma he inflicted on Jazz,” he added.

The next court appearance is set for May 4. The suspect is now out on a $25,000 bond.

We will update the case with more details when available.

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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