Berkeley County residents concerned over traffic issues and flooding, asking the officials to help them and resolve the issue after public charter school was opened in the area

Berkeley County, South Carolina – The traffic issues are not something new for Berkeley County residents, but this time they the situation is worse than even they say.

According to them, Black Tom Road residents in Berkeley County are facing everyday problems and struggle to leave their driveways due to increased traffic in the area lately.

They added that the traffic in the past few years has been a real issue, but the problem became much bigger after the new public charter school Berkeley Preparatory Academy was opened just down the street from them.

The residents in the area are mostly affected by the major traffic issue in the morning and in the afternoon hours when students are dropped off and picked up from school despite the fact that some of the students are still learning virtually from home.

“This traffic basically blocks the residents in on Black Tom Road and blocks us from entering and exiting our yards,” resident Debbie Jones said. “It’s car to car traffic. I sat by a light pole once for approximately 20 minutes trying to turn in my driveway because it is bumper to bumper traffic.”

Neighbors say that road work being done right off the entrance to the school has made things worse.

“It starts from seven thirty in the morning until four or five. Sometimes it is until six or later,” Regina Clark said.

People who have been living in the area say that traffic has started becoming an issue in the last couple of years, but never up to this point.

Another resident who also lives on the same road says traffic is not the only issue the residents are facing. According to Frances Taylor, flooding is another issue they are starting to deal with.

“We’re also having drainage problems, very bad drainage problems, because behind us where the ditches are across the road, they are overflowing with water coming from their construction, and they’re not doing anything about it,” she said.

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