Dorchester County School District 2 asking the community for help in naming the new middle school set to open next year

Dorchester County, South Carolina – As we already reported earlier, new middle school should be open next year within the Dorchester County School District 2 and now the district is asking for community help in naming the middle school.

The construction works started this summer and officials believe that the school will be finished by August 8, 2022. DCSD 2 plan to officially open the school about a week later.

Officials within the district said that the school will be located behind Beech Hill Elementary School off Highway 61.

The newly built school will have a capacity of 1,000 students and will accommodate 6th through 8th grade students.

The principal of the new school should be named in December, Dorchester County SD 2 said in a statement.

Students from several schools helped choose a wolf to be the mascot, but Dorchester District 2 says they plan to open a survey Tuesday morning for the community to help decide the school’s new name.

The survey for the name of the school will be opened from Tuesday and will last through November 19. Those who want to propose name can do that through the district’s website.

The committee has already chosen the colors, bright orange and navy blue to represent the school.

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