Fallen Myrtle Beach police officer gets a street in town with his name

The City of Myrtle Beach decided to rename a street in the city with the name of a fallen Myrtle Beach police officer who was killed 20 years ago protecting the city, public safety and community.

The officer Pfc. Joe McGarry died in 2002, but he is remembered by his fellow colleagues, officers and the community. The city decided to rename a street at the Market Common in his honor.

“Joe was a true patriot who loved his country, he loved God and loved the American flag and what it stood for,” said his mother Anita McGarry.

After four years of service, he was shot and killed in a parking lot on King’s Highway.

“When Joe joined our department he made an automatic impact,” said retired Myrtle Beach Police Chief Warren Gall.

The street sign was presented next to the newly renovated Myrtle Beach Police Annex along with a plaque that will forever honor Joe’s life as an officer and active community servant.

“As most of you know he has been a wonderful part of our department, our team and a friend,” said Chief Amy Prock.

Prock used the occasion of the ceremony and decided to share a few words of what was written on McGarry’s Memorial Marker. The marker will be positioned across the street from the now, newly renamed street.

“Joseph John Joe McGarry, born September 1974 in Connecticut had a passion for working for people and strived to be a mentor for those in the community. Hired by the Myrtle Beach Police Department in January 1999 he worked with the neighborhoods to make a difference focusing on areas that would benefit most from his attention as a law enforcement officer. Whether it was a pick-up game of basketball with kids he always had a passion to make a difference and a smile to go with it he truly cared about what he was doing and how he could have a positive effect on others.”

The plaque is on display at the Market Common, across from the newly named street sign to anyone who would like to pay their respects.

Cindy Carey


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