Father beat his two-month-old baby daughter for five minutes because she was crying all the time, the girl died and he blamed the family cat for the injuries, charged

Those who plan to become parents should make sure they are ready for everything that comes with having children including a lot of time and effort dedicated to the babies, many sleepless nights and a bunch of other things that will never be the same once one becomes parent.

But some people acknowledge this after becoming parents leading to many unwanted situations and in most of these cases, the children are the victims, one way or another.

So was the case with the father of the two-month-old girl who was pronounced dead last month and he most certainly gave the weirdest justification to the authorities when he blamed the family’s cat for the injuries his baby girl suffered leading to her death.

According to the incident report, the 39-year-old father of the now dead girl was identified as K. Henderson and he remains the only suspect believed to be responsible for beating the baby so hard that she died after treated for almost two months in hospital.

The beating reportedly took place in September when the baby was hospitalized in very critical condition on September 23 with multiple injuries all over her body. The girl was hospitalized for almost two months until she was pronounced dead on November 3 since she had “little to no brain activity” for some time.

The incident happened in family’s home in Minnesota and authorities arrested and charged the girl’s father last week. When initially questioned by the authorities, Henderson blamed the family cat for leaving her with broken legs, bleeding on the brain and broken ribs, court records indicate.

At one point of the questioning, Henderson admitted to beating his two-month-old son because the baby was crying all the time. According to Henderson confession, he forcefully beat the baby hitting her on the back for five minutes in an effort to try and quite her.

Henderson knew that the beating was enough for her to break her ribs since she was just a newborn. He admitted to police he acknowledged what had happened, but that was already too late for him to change something.

The father was initially charged with first-degree assault but last week it was upgraded to second-degree murder without intent while committing a felony and first-degree manslaughter while committing malicious punishment of a child in the wake of the girl’s death.

Henderson was held in jail on a $1 million.

The baby’s official cause of death is yet to be determined pending the autopsy results.

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