“Get rid of your diaper and come out…,” Deleted then recovered video shows Marjorie T. Greene harassing Ocasio-Cortez’s

A previously deleted 2019 video, now recovered by CNN, shows Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-G.A.) harassing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-N.Y.) office during a 2019 visit to the U.S. Capitol.

The video was primarily uploaded on Greene’s Facebook page, but later it was deleted. Now CNN manage to recover the video where Greene was shouting through a mailbox slot on the locked door of Ocasio-Cortez’s office.

The video was taken during a 2019 visit to congressional offices at the US Capitol with associates. The man shown in a part of the video is a man who would later enter the Capitol during the January 6th incidents.

“We’re going to go see, we’re going to visit, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Crazy eyes. Crazy eyes. Nutty. Cortez,” Greene says to the camera on the way to the congresswoman’s office, mispronouncing “Ocasio.”

When Green and her companions reached Ocasio-Cortez’s office, they found out that the door is closed. The taunts began.

“Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, I’m an American citizen,” Greene shouts through the mailbox. “I pay your salary through the taxes that you collect for me through the IRS because I’m a taxpaying citizen of the United States.”

“So you need to stop being a baby and stop locking your door and come out and face the American citizens that you serve,” she says. “If you want to be a big girl, you need to get rid of your diaper and come out and be able to talk to the American citizens. Instead of having to use a flap, a little flap. Sad.”

The video was recorded on February 22, 2019. That was the same day when Green brought an impeachment petition to Nancy Pelosi’s office.

Green’s companion in the video was identified as Anthony Aguero. He was recorded on video during the Capitol riots, entering the building with other people. Aguero is a former El Paso congressional candidate and conservative live-streamer.

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