‘God is separating the sheep from the goats,’ Donald Trump supporters can’t accept the virus, Alabama rally attendees respond to vaccination related questions

Latest Trump rally in Alabama didn’t go as planned since it ended up not to be the “biggest Trump event since leaving the office” as the organizers promoted the event and he was booed by his supporters after he encouraged them to get vaccinated which is not a regular picture at Trump’s events.

No one can tell if Trump is starting to change his narratives about the vaccination and election fraud and if that will continue in his next appearances, but Trump has proven again that he is still holding his supporters base strong.

The Alabama event was promoted as the “biggest Trump event since leaving the White House office” and the organizers expected more than 50,000 people to attend. However, that number was around 30,000 or that’s what multiple sources have reported so far.

As usual, Trump and the other speakers continued their false election fraud claims but in a not so strong narrative as before. It looks like that they are preparing the voter’s base for future events and probably, the next presidential election when Trump will probably run again.

Alabama Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Mo Brooks was one among the few who took part with a speech in the rally. The crowd was in disbelief when he asked them to move past disputing the 2020 presidential election results saying “put that behind you,” and “look forward.”

Trump then decided to talk about the Covid-19 and the vaccines. Right after he announced that he had received the shot, he encouraged the crowd to the same. That’s the moment when Trump was booed from the attendees, a very rare picture on Trump’s events. However, the master Trump somehow expected that reaction from the crowd and managed to immediately return the situation in his favor.

Trump and his voters are largely blamed for the low vaccination rates in some states and areas. Numerous surveys have shown that GOP supporters are not the only group of people that are vaccine hesitant, but White House representatives continue to publicly blame Trump and his supporters for the latest surge in cases, hospitalizations and deaths across the country.

CNN reporter Donie O’Sullivan is a regular when it comes to Trump rallies. He was also seen at Trump’s previous rallies this year, usually asking the attendees questions about current events. And this time he asked numerous of them about their attitude to the vaccines and he got some pretty interesting answers.

At 37 percent, Alabama has the nation’s lowest rate of fully vaccinated people, well below the U.S. average of 52 percent. It’s also battling the nation’s highest rate of new COVID-19 cases and the second-highest death rate, per 100,000 people.

While many Alabamans won’t get the vaccine, some are taking drugs meant for livestock instead, which prompted an unusual warning from the FDA, Huffington Post reported.

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