Husband shoots multiple times and kills his wife, mother of three, in a broad daylight while their children were in the house, caught on video

Every couple faces arguments, disputes and problems in their lives especially if they have children and in most of the times, parents will manage to fix what’s not working and continue their lives as usual. But that was not the case in today’s story where the husband shot his wife multiple times in a broad daylight after she decided to file a divorce.

According to police reports, the suspect identified as the 26-year-old C. Turner will spend many years in prison for shooting his wife to death multiple times in a broad daylight in front of her parents’ home while their three children will still in the house waiting for their mother to pick them up.

The suspect faces first-degree murder charges and armed criminal action charges and he is being held on $1 million cash bail.

Couple’s three children aged 2, 5 and 6-year-old were sleeping at their grandparents’ house in St. Louis, Missouri. The police said their mother, identified as the 27-year-old C. Turner, went in the morning hours on August 7th to pick them up for lunch, but it didn’t go as planned.

Her husband somehow knew that their children are there and he arrived earlier in the morning, parked his car in front of the house and waited for his wife. As soon as she arrived and got out of the car, the suspect shot her three times and calmly got back to his car.

For still unknown reason, he returned once again just next to the victim shooting her three more times. The shooter than fled the scene and the victim’s father hopped in his car and chased after him, but was unable to catch up to his former son-in-law.

Police officers arrived in a matter of minutes and the woman was pronounced dead at the scene. The shooting incident was caught on surveillance cameras and it will be used as an evidence for the court process if needed.

“She was the light of our life. She was happy. She was smart. She wanted a family life like she grew up in,” victim’s stepmother said to a local outlet.

The neighbors knew the girl since she was a kid. According to them, she deserved a long and happy life, she was one of a kind. They couldn’t believe what happened and the whole shooting incident is so devastating for them.

Local news outlets discovered that they were together since they were teenagers. They have been happily married until 2019 when the victim filed a divorce.

The three outlets report that the couple’s relationship was marred by jealousy and violence. Christopher has yet to enter pleas to the charges against him, and it was unclear who his lawyer might be.

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to help their children. This is what the fundraiser said:

Charlisa Turner, is 28 year old mother who was murdered in cold blood this Saturday by her husband in attempt to protect herself, her children and her parents. Our family has done everything humanly possible to protect Charlisa from this monster. Unfortunately, his cowardly act took her away from her children, family and friends forever. She left behind three beautiful babies Levi 6, Logan 5 & Christina 2, who are in need of our support. We are asking that you find it in your heart to donate, pray and share this fund for her children. We will provide them with shelter, education and cover their daily needs. Please inbox for any further information. Thank you for all of your love , prayers and support.

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