“I felt empowered,” High-on-mushrooms addict shoots young father to death in a broad daylight while protecting 1-year-old infant

It’s so sad to see the drug addicts ruining their lives and the lives of their close relatives, friends and family. But it’s even sadder when you see how the same drug addicts are ruining other people’s lives, people who are not involved in their lives in any single way.

This was the case with the drug addict identified as the 22-year-old T. Davis who not just ruined his life with the decision to use drugs, but he also ruined the life of a whole other family when he shot to death young father while he was protecting his child.

According to police reports, the incident happened in Florida last Tuesday when the suspect approached the young father, identified as the 21-year-old D. Wakefield, who was sitting in a restaurant with his child. Then Davis took his gun and pointed to the baby.

The father was holding his baby in his hands when the man approached him. When the suspect pointed the gun to the baby, Wakefield said that the baby was his son and then he pointed the gun at him.

According to the witnesses who were at the scene at the time of the incident, the father stood up between the suspect and his baby and Davis shot him once, then a few more times when he fell on the ground.

It was obvious that Davis was high and didn’t really knew what he was doing and this was later confirmed by himself when the told the police officers that he was high on mushrooms, one of the most powerful drugs leading to extreme hallucinations.

Shortly after the incident, a video appeared online which immediately went viral. From what can be seen from the video, the shooter started dancing next to the victim’s dead body as soon as he shot it multiple times to death.

The fatal shooting took place in Miami, Florida, where the victim was on a few days vacation when he was having lunch in a broad daylight with his son on Ocean Drive, popular street filled with travelers from all around the world.

Victim’s wife was in shock after the incident. In a later interview, she said that their son will be proud of what the father did for him, saving his life. According to her, he was the best dad ever and that their son will love him no matter if he’s there or not.

The investigation showed what this has been a random attack. When questioned by police, Davis confirmed he was high on mushrooms in the moment of the shooting and that the mushrooms made him feel empowered.

In tears, the mother of the victim described her son who was visiting from Colorado with his wife, his 1-year-old son and extended relatives. “It is a life lost. A son, husband and father gone. And a family shattered.”

The victim’s father told The Associated Press that his son was traveling in Florida with friends and family. According to him, Wakefield was completely mentally stable with no health issues and this has been the first time for him to ever encounter any kind of incident. Unfortunately, the first incident he faced in his life ended up to be his last too.

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