Joe Biden under pressure for resignation: It’s not just GOP and Donald Trump, it’s the public that slams Biden after 12 US troops died in Afghan

Joe Biden is under serious pressure. And it’s not only the Covid-19 and the immigration crisis, but it’s also the Afghanistan withdrawal. And the latest events were additionally fueled with the attacks at the Kabul airport where 12 U.S. service members lost their life. Poor Joe. How can one predict such events in such a short period of time?

Biden is seeing a record low approval rating so far since taking the office. When the Afghanistan withdrawal events escalated two weekends ago, Biden’s rating fell for whole 7 points in a matter of days. Since then, his approval rating went even further down following the recent attacks at the Kabul airport where 12 U.S. service member were killed.

Several hours after the attack, Biden was nowhere to be found and that’s certainly not a normal behavior of the President of the United States, the most powerful country in the world. The question here is not if you are Democratic supporter or not, the reality is clear, Biden lost control over the major issues our country faces.

Since the very fist days of the Afghanistan withdrawal events, Biden was literally slammed by the GOP members, especially former president Donald Trump, asked to take responsibility of what happened and how he managed the situation there. Or to be more precise, how he didn’t manage. As the time passed, it was not only the GOP members who blamed Biden, but now the public joined them asking the president to resign.

The online reaction from elected Republicans, conservatives, and liberal journalists were brutal and included calls for resignations and impeachments. And the pressure over Biden is rising, while the VP Kamala Harris pushes him even further down in the hole instead of trying to help him. “Team Biden” duo failed, they literally failed.

This is what some of the public said on Twitter over the latest events:

“Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Antony Blinken, Lloyd Austin and General Milley should all resign or face impeachment and removal from office,” Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn (TN) said.

“Hillary Clinton once wondered who Americans would want picking up the phone in a national crisis at 3 AM. With Joe Biden, nobody is picking up at 3 PM,” Ben Shapiro ripped.

“Don’t let the Biden administration get away with this. Don’t let the media turn the page,” commentator Lisa Boothe said.

“The United States today suffered the biggest military loss of life in over a decade,” wrote foreign policy analyst Nile Gardiner. “President Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal is costing American lives, and emboldening America’s enemies. There is no plan, no strategy, and no leadership from the White House.”

But here comes the public too, ordinary people, voters, someone who is not politically attached to any of the parties. Majority of them also blame Biden. Even Democratic voters blame Joe Biden, they all know he should have delivered more and better.

Since Thursday, Twitter is literally burning from comments related to Biden’s potential resignation. Even though it’s not very like that such a thing will happen, the latest group of events are nothing but a total failure for Biden, White House administration and Biden’s team behind him just when preparations for the mid-terms should take place.

This will surely turn against Biden and he will have to work really, really hard to improve his rating amid the latest Covid-19 wave spreading across the country with low to no ICU beds availability. Let’s not forget the migration at the southern border issue, increased number of violent crimes, inflation and the rising poverty among the US residents.

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