Officials working on the largest to be park in Dorchester County, 300-acre area to be transformed in recreational area

Officials are working on what appears to be the largest recreational park in Dorchester County.

According to the officials, the park will be located in the area of Pine Trace Natural Area. The 300-acre park will be located on the biggest undeveloped area in Summerville and it is located near Dr. Eugene Sires Elementary School off of Miles Jamison Road.

Dorchester County Parks and Recreation Committee Chairman Jay Byars says the county bought the land from the state when a housing development was proposed.  He says the housing development would’ve included more than 780 homes.

“The old growth and the hardwoods, there’s over 100-year-old trees in that forest,” Byars said.

As previously reported, the park will offer something for everyone to spend their free time. The officials said there will be two dog parks, a disc golf course, fishing piers, camping sites, playgrounds, and more than five miles of trails.

The trails can be connected to parts of Summerville as well as the Chandler Bridge Creek Path in near future.

“We’re going to be able to do some really magnificent things that’s going to be really close to a lot of people,” Byars said.  “They are going to be able to get outside and enjoy this beautiful piece of property. So, we’re really excited about it.

The final project is not finished yet, but the officials believe everything will be in place in the upcoming period. The construction works are set to take place early March 2022, while the finish date should be by the end of the next year.

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