South Carolina man who shot and injured a nurse in a shooting incident at Regional Medical Center in Orangeburg sentenced to seven years

Orangeburg, South Carolina – The South Carolina man who shot and injured a nurse in a hospital shooting incident in 2019 will spend the next seven years in behind bars.

According to multiple reports, the 26-year-old Abrian Dayquan Sabb of Orangeburg was sentenced to seven years in federal prison for the shooting incident that took place on April 10, 2019, when he shot and injured a nurse at the Regional Medical Center in Orangeburg.

According to evidence, the previous day, Abrian gave his brother, Darius Sabb, money to buy a semi-automatic AR-15 rifle with a 100-round magazine and two boxes of ammunition.

Darius falsely filled out the ATF 4473 form saying that he was the purchaser of the firearm. He was given three years probation with 180 days of home detention and GPS location monitoring, according to acting US Attorney Rhett Dehart.

Abrian’s girlfriend called Darius telling him that she was scared that Abrian has a gun and feared for her safety. Darius took the gun and hid it at another person’s home hoping that Abrian won’t find it.

However, Abrian acknowledged where the gun was and he headed to the location. He forcefully entered the home and took the hidden gun.

On April 10, Abrian and his girlfriend went to the hospital seeking help for his mental illness. While they were waiting for a doctor in the hospital, Abrian went out of the hospital, he took the gun with him and went back inside the hospital where he started shooting for no apparent reason.

State court charges related to the shooting are pending against Abrian Sabb at this time, according to officials.

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