Under extreme pressure from work, man forgets to drop toddlers at daycare and leaves them in the car for almost ten hours at three-digit temp. until they died, won’t face charges

Being good and responsible parent means putting a lot of effort, time and commitment into properly raising you children especially in the early stages of their lives. Parenthood might become stressful and intense over time, but it’s a process that every adult should take it seriously.

Unfortunately, there are some situations when parents have more important things in life instead of their children like this man who forgot his one-year-old twins in the backseat of his car for more than nine hours when the temperature reached more than 120-degrees. Reportedly, he forgot to drop them at the daycare the fatal.

The incident occurred at the beginning of September when the infants’ dead bodies were found in the car in the afternoon hours after their father went in the daycare to pick them up. The daycare workers told him that the 20-month-olds were not at the daycare that day. When he got out of the daycare, he saw them on the back seat of his pickup truck.

Just after the discovery, the South Carolina father immediately called 911 asking for help. Emergency medical services arrived at the location roughly 10 minutes later and pronounced the toddlers dead at the scene, the local authorities confirmed.

The investigation showed that the toddlers have been in the car for more than nine hours that days when the temperatures into the vehicle allegedly reached more than 120-degrees. The police said the toddlers were found in rear-facing car seats in a family member’s vehicle that was driven by one of the parents. Investigators declined to say which one, telling reporters the mother and father were both “very distraught.”

The daycare was not involved in the toddler’s death in any way, something that was also confirmed by the investigation. An autopsy on the toddlers did not show any physical evidence of trauma or abuse, according to local authorities. At the time, the cause of death was listed as pending, but the coroner said it’s possible the deaths were due to hyperthermia.

The initial investigation didn’t immediately reveal more details of the unfortunate incident. Twenty days after the accident on September 21, the local authorities announced that no charges will be filed against the parents.

Watching investigators interview the father was one of the most heartbreaking things Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said he has seen in his 46 years in law enforcement.

“He didn’t mean to do it. God, he didn’t mean to do it. He’s got to live with that the rest of his life,” Lott said at a last Tuesday news conference.

According to the investigators, this has been nothing but an unfortunate incident since the incident happened as a result of the “extreme pressure from work” the father faced that period. The father reportedly worked at a nearby manufacturing plant and his mind was clouded by work problems that day, the sheriff said.

“The father was under some intense pressure at work that really had his mind somewhere else that day. In his mind, he really believed he dropped the two boys off at day care,” Lott said.

The identity of the father was not released because of authorities decided not to file charges against the father.

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