“We’re forced to play these cops,” restaurant employee attacked by guests after they were told to provide proof of vaccination

The Covid-19 paranoia is reaching its peak recently after some states started to require proof of vaccination while the president Joe Biden announced and is ready to implement vaccination requirement for federal workers and workers in companies with more than 100 employees.

From Texas to New York, every state has a different approach in battling the virus which also affect the ordinary people and the local businesses. Unfortunately, while some people agree with most of the Covid-19 measures, others are not and that sometimes leads to dangerous situations like the one that happened in New York last week.

According to New York Times, the new mandate enforced from last Monday require all guests to provide proof of vaccination if they want to dine indoors in New York restaurants, but some people found this measure totally absurd and that was the case when Texas tourists decided to dine in at a popular Italian restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

Reportedly, the Texans were asked by the hostess to provide proof of vaccination if they wanted to dine in indoors, something that was already required by every other restaurant in the city since last Monday. But the encounter quickly escalated, as the customers, women from Texas, became irate and refused to provide the proof needed to enter the restaurant

The manager of the restaurant confirmed that the hostess offered the Texas women to seat them outdoors where proof of vaccination was not required, but they refused. The information was also confirmed by the local authorities who responded at the scene.

The tourists began to punch the hostess, who is 24, leaving her bruised and scratched and breaking her necklace. She was evaluated at a hospital and is now resting at home, Mr. Jeffrey Bank, the manager of the restaurant said.

“It’s obviously upsetting,” he added. “She knows that she didn’t do anything wrong.”

Restaurant owners are furious after the implementation of the latest measure. According to them, they are now left on their own to deal with nervous customers, especially the hostesses who stay in front of the restaurants who are typically the first to engage with customers.

“We’re forced to play these cops,” said Adam Keita, an owner of Daughter, a coffee shop in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn. “Our goal is to serve people coffee. Our goal isn’t telling people how to live their lives.”

The Texas women, aged between 21 and 49, has been arrested shortly after the incident and charged with assault and criminal mischief before being given desk appearance tickets and ordered to return to court on Oct. 5.

This is surely only one of the many more incidents to come in the period ahead of us which is the result of the Mayor Bill de Blasio continuous push for vaccination using a mix of incentives and mandates. The City of New York is the one with the most aggressive politics when it comes to vaccination.

There also are penalties for businesses who fail to enforce the mandates starting from $1,000 which will increase in the next period if repeated.

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