While Joe Biden’s rating dips to historical low since taking the White House office, GOP and Trump’s ratings are going up, poll

It’s not that Joe Biden ever had impressive rating since taking the White House office, but he managed to keep steady and decent approval rating in his “honeymoon” six-month-long period until late June. The country’s major crises were present and real during this period, but the rating of how he was handling the pandemic kept the numbers on average.

The people were simply happy, the vaccination has been going well and early June almost all Covid-19 measures were completely lifted. After more than a year, the public felt somewhat free to enjoy the life again, feeling safe. The number of cases in almost every state was low. People felt like the pandemic is already behind us.

Biden’s approval rating over handling the pandemic suppressed the ratings of the other major crises where Biden was failing. The immigration on the southern border, increased number of violent crimes, the inflation combined with the rising prices and poverty, were some of the things Biden and the White House administration did nothing to improve.

The bad days for Biden started just when the Delta variant started spreading across the country, increasing the number of new Covid-19 cases. As the days passed, the cases were climbing and Biden’s only decent approval rating started to fall down. Long story short, the country lags with the vaccination rates, some states are facing ICU beds availability issues, healthcare workers shortage, record number of cases and hospitalizations.

And then, in the worst possible moment Biden decided to withdraw the US troops from Afghanistan. His decision was followed by total chaos in the country. The Taliban took control over the country in a matter of days. People, including thousands of Americans, were stuck in the country where US had control for over 20 years. Total failure, again.

Like that wasn’t enough for Biden who is still feeling the pressure from everywhere, in the recent attack 13 US troops were killed of what was confirmed to be a terrorist attack just close to the Kabul airport. The White House administration completely failed again. Understandably, people are furious.

In the very first days of the Afghanistan events, Biden’s rating went down for 7 points. The events just kept going in the wrong direction for the president and they came probably in the worst possible moments for his party, in the beginning of the preparation for the next year’s midterms.

The public, including Democratic voters, believe that the country is headed in the wrong direction with Biden overseeing an American military withdrawal from Afghanistan that has drawn sharp criticism.

Having Donald Trump and the current GOP as an opponent, you would always have someone to blame for everything that happens, that’s what the Democrats have been doing since the start of the presidential campaign. Since Biden took the office in January, he actually did nothing for the American people although the expectations were pretty high.

But the alarm was set off recently when the Washington Times reported that while Biden’s rating reaches historical low, the GOP and Donald Trump himself are seeing an uptick in their ratings and the positive trend for them was recorded over a few months period.

Last Sunday, NBC released their survey where is clearly shown that 25% of U.S. adults give Mr. Trump a “very positive” rating — up 4 percentage points from a previous poll conducted by the network in April. Another 13% give Mr. Trump a “somewhat positive” review, up by 2 percentage points in the same period.

Despite the fact that these numbers aren’t impressive, what is positive for Trump is the increasing trend in the numbers. According to the same poll, Trump received a positive review of 32% of the respondents just for months ago and now that number is 38%.

In comparison, President Biden earned 25% “very positive” and 18% “somewhat positive” ratings — for a total of 43% with a positive review. That’s down from total 50% approval in the network’s April poll.

If we take into consideration the fact that this poll was conducted before the Kabul attack where 13 US Marine Troops were killed, the numbers will be more disappointing for both Biden and the Democratic party. And that’s what they are scared from.

The Republican Party also made some small gains. The April poll found that 42% of the respondents preferred that Congress be controlled by Republicans. That number has risen to 46% since then, the highest it has been since 2016, according to NBC News polling records. The Democratic Party won favor with 47% in April, and that again this time around.

The NBC News poll of 1,000 U.S. adults was conducted Aug. 14-17.

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