A group of 16 educators from North Charleston High School go door to door to check on virtual students

Charleston, S. C. – North Charleston High School educators gathered this morning to help more than 100 virtual students going door to door.

All of these students hadn’t checked in school for a while or had bad grades recently.

Despite having day off, all of the volunteers were more than happy going door to door in different communities helping the students in need.

The whole team of volunteers split up into groups, taking 15 students on average. The goal was to help the students and letting them they are not alone in these difficult times despite being home.

“Everybody in this building wants to do more. They want to go out in the community and help other become more, and it’s just – it’s a great thing and it makes me feel good to be a part of North Charleston High School,” said Tony Boyer, an assistant principal at NCHS.

We encourage every teacher to the same if possible.

Monica Doyle


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