‘All lives matter.’ The Colorado judge who used the n-word multiple times resigns

Colorado district judge Natalie T. Chase who became famous for using the n-word several times when she was talking to a Black colleague agreed to resign.

This came after the Colorado Supreme Court censured her based on a report finding that she had “undermined confidence in the impartiality of the judiciary by expressing [her] views about criminal justice, police brutality, race and racial bias, specifically while wearing [her] robe in court staff work areas and from the bench.”

Chase was not immediately available for a comment. Her attorney also did not immediately return a message from The Washington Post late on Sunday.

In another incident that happened last May, she overhead two Black court employees talking about protests in Denver over the death of George Floyd. Then she asked them to explain the Black Lives Matter movement.

After getting the answer, Chase, who is White, said that according to her, all police officers involved in Floyd’s death should be investigated. But then she maintained that, in fact, “all lives matter.”

Chase didn’t dispute any of the above incidents.

Chase is not the first judge to face discipline or resign due to racial behavior in the courtroom. We have seen this many times in the last couple of years.

Louisiana judge resigned last February after she confirmed she used the n-word several times in a private conversation with her lover.

In March, a video of Washington judge ridiculing a young Black man who was fatally shot by two sheriff’s deputies surfaced online. Following the incident, the judge took some time off.

Chase faced multiple complaints in the past years about her behavior in the courtroom.

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