Black truck driver calls 911 to report white girl crashing her car, gets arrested for no reason, lawsuit

Black truck driver was arrested by police after he called 911 to report that young, teenage girl without driving license crashed her car just next to him. According to the driver, the 14-year-old girl was accompanied by another minor on the passenger seat.

While driving his truck last month in Tennessee, M. James spotted the SUV coming from behind, driving in an “erratic and dangerous manner” almost hitting his vehicle, James said in a statement.

James was lucky not be struck by the teenager’s SUV, but avoiding James’ truck, the young driver crashed the vehicle in a nearby local business building. James immediately stopped his truck on the side of the road and rushed to help the passengers in the SUV. However, as he was approaching the vehicle, the teenage girl and the minor got out of the car and ran towards a house that was located just next to the scene. Elderly woman opened the door and let both of them to get inside as they were terrified of what happened minutes earlier.

James moved his truck and parked it just next to the SUV, turned on his blinking lights and patiently waited for the first responders to arrive at the scene. As soon as police officers arrived, James explained what has happened and the officers went to the house to look for the girl and the other passenger. Instead of thanking him for his good deed, the responding officers decided to arrest James and open investigation on him because the girl who was driving the SUV and the other minor made allegations against James.

“So, my call to 911 was a good deed on my part, especially when they crashed into the building, to make sure they were ok, and the people inside of the building that could’ve been injured,” James said. “I was offering assistance and rendering aid, but also to make sure who was driving was held accountable for it, because they took off running,” he added.

When questioned by police, both girls said James chased and threated them with a gun, something that was obviously not true. Instead of questioning James to hear his side of the story once again, the responding officers searched his vehicle without a warrant and arrested him in aggressive manner.

James was jailed for a few weeks and had to appear in court multiple times until all charges against him were finally dropped.

Following the unlawful arrest and charges against him, James is now suing the city of Chattanooga in a lawsuit seeking almost $500,000 in damages over claims the responding officers violated his civil rights based on his race. Dozens of people on social media shared James’ story seeking justice.

Alex Tuhell

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