Despite cutting them early, jobless people in these states will continue to receive federal unemployment benefits again

Several states decided to cut the federal unemployment benefits earlier than their end date on September 6 in an effort to battle the workers shortage. However, some of them will have to continue to pay jobless people $300 per week as residents in those states filed lawsuits just days after the benefits ended.

If you are jobless and you live in Indiana or Maryland, consider yourself lucky as judges in these states ordered the officials to continue with the federal unemployment benefits. Indiana and Maryland were among the several other states that discontinued the enhanced unemployment benefits last month, but the latest court order came after the lawsuits filed.

The state of Indiana was ordered by the Court of Appeals of Indiana to continue to pay unemployment benefits, while the case winds its way through the legal system.

A judge in Maryland ordered the state to continue with the federal unemployment weekly benefits at least until mid-August. A judge will decide how to handle a court order that continues the enhanced benefits for residents.

More than two dozen states have ended the benefits in mid-late June, but some of them are now facing lawsuits similar to Indiana and Maryland.

Oklahoma, Ohio, and Texas have legal actions pending.

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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