G5 or 5G President Biden strikes again as he confuses both terms while speaking at the G5 Summit

Only a few months have passed since becoming president and we have seen a lot of Biden’s arsenal so far. Falling from Air Force One stairs and not being able to speak fluently for less than a minute are among the many things Biden has failed lately. And one more just came up from G5 Summit.

Many Americans are already claiming Biden has been the worst US president so far. Others will just say he is way too old for to be president. And he just continues to prove them right.

This is what Biden had to say on the latest G5 summit confusing 5G and G5 terms.

“… are cooperating to shape, to shape emerging technologies around our shared value system. This includes strengthening our cybersecurity to deepening our cooperation to build out an open, secure g5 network. A 5G network I should say…”

Then he continues, “I’m talking about the G5, it’s another organization… I’m thinking organization… To secure the 5G networks…”

This is the video:

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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