Joe Biden is so bad in running the country so far that majority of the voters don’t want him to run for president again in 2024, latest poll shows

Joe Biden really struggles when it comes to leading our country so far since he literally did nothing in improving United States residents’ lives while the country faces several major crises including the Covid-19 pandemic, high inflation, rising poverty, violent crimes increase, immigration at the southern border and last but not least, the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Another major problem for Biden is Vice President Kamala Harris who also didn’t manage to improve the overall “team Biden” public picture so far. As soon as Biden fails in his public appearances, which he does very often, Kamala Harris follows him every single time and she is further destroying his status and public acceptance.

Trump, his supporters and many other public figures including former White House officials have been skeptical over Biden’s ability to be a president at all. While many were uncertain over these claims before the election, Biden successfully proved everyone that he is not able to run the office and representing the United States residents, both nationally and internationally.

Although no one can actually point out what went wrong, there are several major issues that Biden refused to face or his team was simply not able to solve. First and the major one is the Covid-19 pandemic and vaccination.

Under the pandemic measures, the vaccination has been going well until the spring months. Despite the fact that the process slowed since May and Biden’s goal for 70% of the population to be vaxxed until July 4 was not met, the White House, in accordance with the CDC, loosened most of the pandemic measures that were in place until June. The freedom was in the air.

With the summer on the door, people felt like the pandemic is a done deal. Everyone immediately forgot about the immigration crisis on the southern border, rising trend in violent crimes, the increasing inflation, poverty…

The two-month-long honeymoon period for both Biden administration and the public started to end up in the end of July when the Covid-19 cases started to rise again in some places and CDC was forced to put in place mask recommendation again. Despite the decent vaccination rates, some states are currently seeing record number of cases and even fully vaccinated are getting infected with the Delta variant.

And then, in the probably worst possible moment, comes the US troops withdrawal from Afghanistan, events that took completely unpredicted direction in a matter of days causing thousands of Americans to be trapped in the country, general chaos and refugees fearing for their lives. It’s not that Biden did something on his own, but his team should have managed the withdrawal much better.

In a matter of days, Biden’s approval rating reached historical low. Even Democrat voters agree that the situation could have and should have been managed better. Biden failed again. But this time not only nationally, but the Afghanistan problem resulted with international crisis putting in question Biden’s credibility once again.

After nothing been done in the first few months of his term and following the recent events, caused Biden much lower rating and the situation for the Democrats is really bad.

According to Washington Examiner, the general public is so furious on Biden that they don’t want him to run for president in 2024. The latest poll where 1,016 registered voters were asked if they want Biden to run for president in 2024, shows that 51% said no to a reelection bid, while 34% said yes, and 15% were unsure. The poll was conducted by Echelon Insights/Washington Examiner.

In the survey, 52% strongly or somewhat approved of the way he was performing as president, while 46% strongly or somewhat disapproved, though he was underwater on both immigration and foreign policy and at just 50% on the economy.

The poll also found that 54% believe the country is on the wrong track, compared to 39% who said it was moving in the right direction, usually a troubling indicator for an incumbent.

It looks like it’s finally time for Biden and his team to start working on the biggest US problems if they really plan to win next year’s mid-terms.

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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