Lexington man arrested and charged for setting fire 2 times, report

Lexington, South Carolina – A 28-year-old man was arrested and charged for setting fire in two different occasions, officials confirm.

According to reports, the suspect Corey Wayne Roscow is charged with third-degree arson after setting on fire pair of vacant buildings in Lexington County.

The suspect was also caught on a CCYV near one of the building before the fire. The video will be used as evidence against him.

A second video also shows him next driving next to the building connected with the second fire.

Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon said Roscow waited until flames were visible, then reported the fires to a nearby fire station.

Another five vacant building fires are investigated to see if those are connected with these two, officials said.

Roscow faces up to 30 years in prison for the charges.

Monica Doyle


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