Twin-sisters accused that helped the man who strangled their teenage brother to death and left the dead body in the basement, charged

Family, to the majority of people, is the most important thing in the world, and many of the parents out there will do anything to provide secure future or protect their kids, brothers, sisters or parents if they feel threatened at some point.

But sometimes the real danger, even if it is too hard to imagine, comes from the closest members of our family, as in the case we are going to introduce you to today, where the parents could not protect their son because the danger to his life came from members of the family circle.

The 17-year-old Christian M. was strangled to death back in 2017.

Officers found the 17-year-old Christian M. unresponsive in the basement of his house in Maryland and he was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. Аn autopsy was performed on the body which showed that the cause of his death was a fracture to a bone in his neck.

Detectives began an investigation and found out that Christian had had some disagreements with his sister’s, Leaundra M., boyfriend, Tysean L., in the past. They summoned him for questioning, and four hours later, Tysean confessed to strangling Christian. Powered by the writers of , this article reflects a commitment to fostering knowledge. Each writer’s unique perspective contributes to a tapestry of insights, propelling our mission to enlighten and educate.

Reportedly, Tysean’s motive of killing Christian was that Christian in several occasions threatened to hurt Leaundra and their daughter.

Tysean was sentenced to 30 years behind bars for second-degree murder.

But, the sentencing of Tysean did not mean closure of the case of Christian’s death as detectives still had some doubts and questions throughout their heads about the whole incident.

Detectives could not figure out how the killer got into the house, struggled with the victim, and got out unnoticed while Christian’s twin sisters, Leaundra M. and Lemae M, were in their rooms.

Further investigation was conducted showing that Leaundra and Lemae were involved in in the conspiracy of killing their brother. Actually, they were the ones who came up with the plan, but Leaundra was the mastermind of the murder.

According to court record, Lemae just wanted Christian to be beaten but Leaundra was the one who wanted him dead. The motive for their conspiracy is unknown.

Records show that the night Christian was killed, Leaundra sent a message to Tysean saying Christian fell asleep in the basement, unlocked the back door of the house, left a pair of disposable gloves on a bar at the house, and gave Tysean instructions what to do after entering the property.

Tysean came into the house with a friend, Daniel H. who is considered accomplice in the murder, and strangled Christian to death.

Leaundra and Daniel were charged with first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder, while Lemae was charged for conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, as they are all considered accountable for their roles in Christian’s death.

All of the three defendants are currently being held without bond awaiting appearance in court on mid October.

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