Joe Biden’s first major crisis period: Afghanistan withdrawal fiasco, Covid-19 surge, rising poverty and rising inflation lead to lowest rating

Slowly but surely, Biden lost himself in the chaos surrounding him in the last couple of weeks following a numerous major crises the country faces including the latest Covid-19 surge, poorly handled Afghanistan troops withdrawal, rising inflation and rising poverty and last but not least, the immigration on the southern border which has been one the biggest problems for Biden administration since January.

The fact the Biden failed to deliver proper responses to all of the issues especially the handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal, caused him to reach the lowest ever recorded approval rating and what is even more alarming, is the thing that decent number of Democrats are now distancing from him following the latest terrorist attack where 13 US troops lost their lives.

The Afghanistan withdrawal was broadly accepted and supported by the public, something that Americans were waiting for with years, but the poor execution led to unseen fiasco so far. The last few weeks have been pretty tough for Biden and the White House administration and they were only the leading path to the first major crisis period Biden administration faces.

Biden is not the only one to blame for all of the events. The pandemic was here before Biden was elected as a president, but his administration failed to deliver proper results and put the pandemic in full control following the “honeymoon period” from mid-May to late July when the number of cases was low and stable. The most recent wave ruined Biden’s only decent approval rating he managed to keep higher compared to all the other issues.

“It is clear to me that it was long past time to end the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan, and that we could not continue to put American servicemembers in danger for an unwinnable war,” Pennsylvania Representative Susan Wild said in a statement last week.

“At the same time, it appears that the evacuation process has been egregiously mishandled,” he added in the same statement, distancing her from the president and the White House withdrawal operation.

And she is not the only one. Numerous other Democrats distances themselves from the mission, some of them calling the White House to extend the withdrawal deadline in an effort to evacuate every single US citizen from Afghanistan, while others asked for resignations from those who planned and approved the whole mission.

Joe Biden seemed to have decent approval rating when he took the office in January and he even managed to increase it in the first month of the presidency. Biden accomplished that task with cancelling some the Trump policies in the very first day of the presidency.

But Biden also kept that approval rating stable in the fist four months since taking the WH office. The vaccines rollout backed up with the intensive vaccination process and opening the country with loosening the pandemic measures made the US citizens feel free and safe again.

And that’s the moment when the inflation started to increase the prices and make the life more expensive in a situation where businesses were struggling with workers and the economy was still far from the long-waited recovery. That’s the starting point when things started to going south for Biden.

How long will moderate Democrats continue to distance from Biden and how long our president will be seeing such low approval rating? Or the real question is, can Biden improve his rating at all and if yes, what his next steps might be? One thing is for sure, this is Biden’s first major crisis period and he is now expected to deliver some results if he wants to regain the support from the public and of course, the fellow Democrats.

Monica Doyle


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