More than half of Americans officially don’t want stubborn Biden to be their president anymore, first time since taking the office, poll

With Biden leaving the worst month behind him since taking the White House office, a recent poll shows that officially more than half of the Americans disapprove what he has done until now and how he is running our country so far.

Until mid-July, the only decent approval rating Biden had was the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, a rating that nose-dived as soon as the Covid-19 numbers started to raise with the surge of the Delta variant.

August seems to be the worst month Biden had since January and the end of his honeymoon period was hinted with the mask recommendation back in place, several official vaccine requirement announcements and last but not least, the Afghanistan events that were enough to wipe out his struggling approval rating that has been going down since early August.

Biden at the end of August reached another negative milestone. According to a recent poll conducted by the PBS NewsHour/NPR/Marist, for the first time since taking the office in January, more than half of the American people disapprove Biden’s work so far, an alarming fact for the Democrats and Biden himself.

Biden’s job approval rating for the first time fell to 43%, which is 6% less compared to two months ago when he had 49% approval rating. The poll indicates that Biden also reached record high number of people who strongly disapprove his job (41%), which is 11 points more compared to two months ago and 17 points more compared to January, when he took over the White House office.

During the presidential campaign, Biden claimed he will be president for everyone who will finally restore the sense of normalcy to Washington. But it seems that Biden failed so far and according to experts, the toughest period for Biden is yet to come.

Democrats will naturally blame the Afghanistan operation for the decreased rating, but Biden’s most recent approval rating is a result of combination of negative events for the White House during the last couple of weeks including the latest Covid-19 wave.

We should also mention the several other major problems United States faces since January that Biden failed to solve including the immigration crisis at the southern border, the rising poverty, rising inflation, rising number of violent crimes especially in Democrat-led states and the general handling of the Covid-19 pandemic which led to the most recent Delta wave.

But it seems like the stubborn Joe is deaf to all the critics, now coming from some moderate Democrats too. In his speech that marked the end of the Afghanistan withdrawal mission, Biden credited himself and his administration for the evacuation of more than 120,000 people calling the mission an “extraordinary success.” And yes, Biden and his admin are the ones to be credited, except the fact the mission was poorly handled and it was everything but “extraordinary success.”

In addition to his “extraordinary success” mission, almost two thirds of the public, including one-third of those who voted for Biden in the 2020 election, believe that the mission where 13 U.S service members were killed, was not handled well.

The president is feeling the pinch on domestic policy, too. Amid concerns of high inflation and the pandemic recovery, Americans are evenly split on Biden’s handling of the economy. Forty-eight percent of Americans approve; 48 percent disapprove. The number who disapprove has reached the highest level of his presidency, up from 41 percent in March.

In the last couple of months Biden’s rating among the Democrat faithful voters remained stable with low decrease, but Biden lost support from the independent voters, those who made the difference in November. One thing is for sure, Biden’s honeymoon period is over and he should finally start to work in service of the American people.

Monica Doyle


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